Don’t Make These Mistakes in your Life

If you are dissatisfied with your life and dissatisfied with how yesterday went and the day before that – then what do you plan on doing differently today? After all, if you are unhappy with the way that things currently are in your life then surely you should change them?

To a lot of people, this isn’t always necessarily the obvious thing to do.

Why? Because they are afraid? Lazy? In denial? If you do not take the necessary action to improve your life, no matter what your reasons, then your circumstances might stay exactly as they are. Living today exactly the same as yesterday when you are unhappy, is probably the biggest mistake that many of us could make today.

Here are 4 other big mistakes that some of us may make:

1. You Might Tell Yourself A Lie
We pride ourselves on being good and honest to the people around us, so why do we not treat ourselves with the same respect? Lies are considered hurtful and damaging for a reason; they instil false beliefs and promote low self-esteem. So why do we lie to ourselves?

We lie to ourselves every single day. We may tell ourselves what we are and are not capable of; we feed ourselves false excuses to avoid doing something, or conceal the cracks that are beginning to show in our life choices. When you lie to yourself in this way today, you are damaging your chances for a happier, more successful tomorrow.

2. You May Compare Yourself To Somebody Else
There will always be people whose lives look more impressive than yours on the outside, but that is completely out of your control and to be expected in a world as big as ours. So, instead of swamping yourself in feelings of resentment and insecurity why not choose to do something about what you do have control over – your own life?

Our jealousies and insecurities often reflect what we are most dissatisfied with in our own lives. Therefore, today when you find yourself mentally comparing yourself to another (which you undoubtedly will countless times), instead of allowing yourself to wallow in the misery and unfairness of it all – ask yourself what you can do to change things. Remind yourself of what is so great about you and then consider ways in which you can build and improve on this greatness.

3. You Might Care What Other’s Think Of You
There is no bigger time waster in life than worrying about what other people may or may not think of you. The course of our day can be seriously influenced by our fear of how others may judge or think about us; our choices, words and actions throughout the day may no longer be ours. We alter ourselves and the path of our day to better suit what we believe others want from us.

However, when you make the mistake of ignoring your authentic self to better please others, you are fighting a pointless battle which is distracting you from your life’s very purpose. When you focus all of your energy on becoming who you think people want you to become, you are drifting further and further from whom you want to become.

Take care not to tread too far from your authentic path, or you may never find your way back.

4. You Won’t Not Make Today The Best That It Can Be
We are a society dependent on ‘tomorrows’. ‘I’ll start tomorrow’, ‘It’ll be different tomorrow’, ‘tomorrow I’ll have the time’…we do not try as hard today because we live as though we are guaranteed a tomorrow.

Assume that there are no tomorrows – wouldn’t you have wanted to have made today bigger, better, bolder? If things do not seem easy today, then they can not necessarily be any easier tomorrow, so just start by doing what you can to be your best – today.

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